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Archetypal Hero's Journey Group Workshop

Updated: Feb 1

DATE: Beginning Weekly Saturday, February 3,  2024 

TIME: 1-3 pm PST

A process where we explore our inner archetypes and move from unsatisfying lives. 

Confront fears. 

Become stronger. 

Become wiser through the process of Integration & become whole. 

You are the Hero of your own story. Have you acknowledged that lately?

You are on a journey - learning, growing, overcoming obstacles, and transforming at every turn into more of who you came here to be.

My colleagues and I are taking a special group through a process to discover and explore greater wholeness, To realize our true authentic selves and go beyond our own limitations.

You are invited to join us… (and I hope you will!)

DATE: Weekly, Starting February 3rd (13 weeks)

TIME: 1 pm-3 pm PST


In-Person @Yunique Counseling, 150 W Huffaker Ln Ste 105, Reno, NV 89511

In this workshop you will learn about your inner archetypes, and find more clarity of your own path, purpose, and life journey. Connect with your true authentic selves and find out what is holding you back and go beyond your own limitations. Plus learn about self-care and meditation practices!

Meet your inner Heroes/Archetypes

Understand your innate nature

Receive the support & guidance you need!

A guideline that leads us to discover our true authenthic nature inside ourselves 

and meet our full potential, to grow, learn and go beyond limitations.

Email Dr Yuni to Register @

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