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Transform your life with Holistic Energy HypnoTherapy

Start your journey to emotional, mental, physical & spiritual health & well-being now!


At Yunique Counseling we are committed to providing a safe space for healing.


We believe in building a foundation of trust and safety with our clients by actively listening and providing unconditional acceptance.

In-Person & Telehealth Sessions:

  • Individual

  • Couples

  • Family

  • Groups

A Holistic & Energetic Approach

We are all unique and amazing and have the capacity to heal ourselves! Science and Eastern medical wisdom has confirmed the impact of chronic stress and repressing our Emotions have on our mind, body, and spirit. Our nervous system, brain, and bodies go into living in a protective "survival state" of existence.

Holistic Integrated HypnoTherapy utilizes Alchemical Hypnosis and Energy Work on a deep cellular and energetic level. These powerful internal and spiritual techniques & resources are taught to tap into your own subconscious mind and when practiced daily help restore and promote health and wellness in our daily lives. 

Adjunct Therapies have also shown to be beneficial:

  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation

  • Energy Healing,  Reiki, Therapeutic Massage Acupuncture & Acupressure

  • Somatic Movement, nervous system regulation

  • Music, Dancing, Playing, Walking in Nature,


Healing Relationships

Creating safe, connected, intimate relationships can feel challenging. Because we are human, we can experience emotional, energetic, and spiritual disconnections but have little understanding about why or how this happens. However. repairing and healing disconnections in relationships is possible even after experiencing betrayals and loss.

Humans have the potential to grow and learn throughout our whole lifespan. The main key to growing is one's willingness to be open to new ideas and ways of being before rejecting them & practice.

Various Methods have shown to be effective in relationship work:

  • Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

  • Soul Contract Work

  • Past Life Regression

  • Akashic Records

  • EPC


Deep Healing

It may be surprising to know that many of us go through life very unaware and unconscious of what conditioning and programs drives our behaviors. As infants we all rely on the love, care, nurturing, and protection of our caregivers to create safety and security. This sense of safety and security in our bodies can be disrupted for various reasons, leaving energetic trauma wounds or imprints and emotions (energy) trapped in our body, leading our nervous system to live in an unconscious & automatic survival state of fight or flight or appeasing.

Our bodies have the ability to heal, clear, and repair these old wounds and old responses to restore your sense of worth, confidence, and health.


We just need to reconnect to our true core self and inner intuitive guidance, support, and a holistic integrated approach that focuses on your whole being (mind, body, emotions, and spirit) to transform and live the life you always desired!

Image by Anna Sushok

Are you feeling stuck and need guidance & clarity?

Dr Yuni's holistic approach is tailored to your specific needs

Because at Yunique Counseling, we believe in supporting your healing & wellness.

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