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My Healing Journey

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Dr. Yuni Gardner

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Liz Furrow, Office Manager

Hello & welcome!


Congratulations on taking the brave step toward emotional freedom and your new life.

My interest in the mind and body began in high school with my male psychology teacher who taught us mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. I had no idea at the time how valuable that experience was for me in creating a safe space. I just thought he was allowing us to nap in his class. LOL!

My education journey began with majoring in psychology at the University of TN Chattanooga, then on to obtaining my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Johnson University and finally obtaining my doctorate in Community Counseling at Mississippi State University.

As many of us do, I sought to understand and make sense of my own story of “What happened to me?” and “Why am I feeling this way?"


The process of healing is an ongoing deep inner exploration. I goal is to live life daily to love, have compassion, and laugh. I am married to my soul companion and dear husband, Tommy, for 33+ years. I am a mother to a beautiful female and lovely soul, Nikki. Our family also includes two cats (Mozart and Luna). Mozart is an 11 year old male rescue pet from the Reno Human Society; and Luna, is our 1 year old kitty, we misgendered as female and the vet notified us that Luna was actually a male cat! And, yes he still goes by the name Luna. Ha Ha!

I love meeting new people and hearing about their stories, hopes, and dreams. I love my work as a therapist and helping others in their healing journey. I still feel so surprised and honored that people actually want to share their stories with me. We are all so amazing and beautiful and just want to feel love and happiness.


Therapy can help us feel not so alone, gain clarity, and help transform our own inner and outer worlds, and find our purpose and meaning in life.

My passion is getting to connect and support people through their healing journey!

When I am not engaged in my work life, you will find me having fun eating, laughing, and going to Broadway plays, chilling at the spa, or traveling with my family or alone to new and interesting places around the world.

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