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Green Nature

A safe space to heal and grow

Healing Journey

A picture of Dr. Yuni Gardner, Hoistic Integrated Therapist and Psychologist

Dr. Yuni Gardner, PhD, CPC, CHT
Professional Hypnotherapist

A picture of Liz Furrow, Office Manager forr Yunique Conseling

Liz Furrow
 Office Assistant

Hello & Welcome!

Bravo on taking this new step toward health and wellness in your new life!

My interest in the mind and body began in high school with my male psychology teacher who taught us mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation. I had no idea at the time how valuable that experience was for me in creating a safe space. I just thought he was allowing us to nap in his class!

My educational journey began in 1990 with studying psychology at the University of TN Chattanooga, then seeking my master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Johnson University, and finally obtaining my doctorate in Counseling at Mississippi State University in 2008.


As many of us do, I sought to understand and make sense of my own history. My own personal healing journey really blossomed after receiving hypnotherapy and diving deep into my inner world. I love my work as a holistic medicine practitioner and professional hypnotherapist, facilitating and supporting others in their healing journey. I feel so honored by the many people I have met over my 20+ years of healing work. We are all so amazing and beautiful and just want to feel happy and be loved and accepted!


My therapeutic approach holistic and integrated to help heal and release old wounds and re-connect to your turse authentic self. We are all in this together. You are not alone!

My passion is connecting and supporting your soul healing!

My personal philosophy is to live life fully every day with love, compassion, and laughter. When I am not engaged in my work life, you will find me having fun, eating, laughing, going to various arts and theater events, chilling at the spa, or traveling to new and interesting places around the world!

Leaf Stem

Yunique Counseling with Dr Yuni
is a compassionate & safe space
to explore & learn & heal!

Providing Telehealth Healing services in the comfort of your home!

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