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Holistic Integrated Therapy with Dr. Yuni

A Safe Space to Gain Clarity Healing & Wellness

What is Holistic
Integrated Healing?

Holistic and Integrated Therapy uses several unique techniques in a safe space to do healing work.

It is a safe nonjudgmental interactive process that goes to the subconsious root of many emotional, physical, and mental struggles. This processing helps release stored pain in our body and encourages positive transformation by guiding you to access your own positive inner resources and healing capacities of your own mind, body, emotions, and soul.

Welcome All

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?

  • Anger, Anxiety, Irritability

  • Depression, Boredom

  • Fatigue & Exhaustion

  • Grieving 

  • Betrayal

  • Trauma

  • Sleep or Rest

  • Chronic Pain or Physical Ailments

  • Low Self-Worth

  • Lack Confidence 

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Addictive Behaviors

  • Overwhelmed

  • Attachment Issues

  • Co-dependent Tendencies

  • Blocks in Creativity

  • Intimacy in relationships.

  • Feel Disconnected

  • Sexual Discomfort

  • Gender Identity Confusion

  • Unsure of who you are

  • Indecisivness

  • Unsure of your career path

  • Conflict with Others

Alchemical Healing
Therapeutic Benefits

  • Integrating & Balancing Whole Self

    • Emotions, Mind, Body, & Spirit!

  • Whole peson Healing & Wellness

  • Mental Clarity

  • Sexual Health & Confidence

  • Life Path & Purpose

  • Somatic Body Healing

    • Relieve Chronic Pain
    • Physical ailments & diseases

  • Emotion Focused (EFT)

    • Healing Relationships
    • Healing Families
    • Healing Intergenerational Trauma 
  • LGBTQIA2S+ Ally

  • Certified EMDR Therapist

Zen Garden

Wabi Sabi

The beauty of Wabi Sabi is born
from our inner world.


In a space of acceptance,

where there is no judgement.

There is no perfection or imperfection

There is no right or wrong

There is no past or future,

In the space of now,

When we embrace the truth.

​WABU (侘ぶ)the experience of our inner world

SABU (寂ぶ)the experience of our outer world


Therapeutic Healing

​Holistic Integrative Therapy is a dynamic alchemical interpersonal process of exploring our inner world and outer-world.

Yunique Counseling w/ Dr Yuni is a safe space to share and process

your emotions and thoughts to receive clarity, healing. and life purpose.

Holistic Integrative Therapy is a process of self-awareness, growth, and openness to new experiences to create a more positive and meaningful life.

White Sand and Stone

Are you Ready to take the next step towards wellbeing?

Offering virtual tele-therapy appointments

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