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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Virtual Online Co-Ed Community Hypnotherapy Group!

Connection & Community

Dates: Saturday July 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th!

Investment: $75 per session or $ 250 for all 4 Group Sessions

Benefits: Organically develops with needs of the group

  1. Breathing & Meditation Exercises.

  2. Turning Trauma & Karma into Dharma! (Past Life Regression)

  3. Hypnotherapy journeys (Read your Akashic Records to explore relationships dynamics.

  4. Find the Root causes of E-motions

  5. How to Clear your Mind of Limiting Beliefs & Release Anger, Shame, Guilt, & Fear.

  6. Connect to your Inner Wisdom for Spiritual Guidance

  7. Healing & promoting positive relationships (with yourself & others)

Questions? Email Dr Yuni:

Please note, there are no refunds for cash clients,

If using your insurance benefits, please notify us so we can check your insurance.

Superbills for out of network insuruance available upon request

*** Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that your insurance will reimburse you & you may be responsible for any fees.

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