Holistic & Integrated Approach

A Holistic Approach

Our Bodies and Mind are amazing healers! We are all unique and diverse, so having only one counseling approach or treatment method is not enough or realistic, and often leads us to feel more frustrated with ourselves and others. One size does not fit all!

But life events can be stressful has emotional and physical impact on the body several years later. We all need to learn self-compassion, emotional support, and new more effective tools and coping strategies to help navigate through life's challenges.

Relationship Counseling

Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) is an empirically supported attachment-based therapy that works to help repair, and heal attachment wounds or betrayals and restores balance in relationships through co-creating a safe and secure connection and bond.  


Maintaining healthy and intimate close relationships can feel both challenging and rewarding throughout our life span.


Because we are human, we can experience emotional disconnections but have little understanding about why  or how this happens. We often need to learn how to repair and reconnect to feel safe and trust again.

Individual Counseling

All human babies are born vulnerable and helpless. We all need to feel loved, cared for, nurtured, and protected to feel safe and secure in ourselves to feel capable and worthy of navigating the world.