About Dr Yuni

My Journey

I identify as an Korean-American cisgender female, who is growing into  learning to love and have compassion for myself and others  in life's journey. I am a wife to my lovely husband, Tommy, and a mom to a beautiful soul, my daughter, Nikki.


I was adopted from S. Korea at age 4. My own personal growing pains and navigating life as a child was often confusing and not a lot of things made sense. Part of my personal and professional journey of growth and healing has been to become aware of  how our unconscious mind protects our body, and drives us to react in ways that we may not even understand today.  Life is a growth process in learning to keep an open and be present with myself and others with compassion and kindness. 

I am an ally of the LGBTQIA community. I participate in the Standards of Care Collective for Transgender & Genderqueer Health (SOCC) . The SOCC is a group of independent mental health clinicians who support transgender and genderqueer individuals seeking self-acceptance letters for transitioning to live as they are meant to be.


Getting to know other individuals and learning to grow and move beyond our traumatic painful experiences has been challenging, but also so fulfilling and validating.  My passion is getting to connect and have caring and connecting experience with others likes myself who are so brave, courageous, loving, and compassionate human beings. 

I  have found  a sense of clarity and emotional relief in acknowledging and expressing our feelings of helplessless and vulnerability at times trying to navigate through life when we have so much happening to us and counseling helps us feel not so alone and lost .

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